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Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

  1. Vinyl car wraps protect your OEM paint and are 100% removable.

  2. Adds to the resell value of your car. When you remove it, your paint is in the same condition as when it was wrapped. Thus adding to the resale value by having flawless paint on your car. A repainted car normally decreases the value of your vehicle due to concerns over possible previous accident(s).

  3. You can restore the car to its original colour by removing the wrap.

  4. Warranties and/or lease agreements remain valid. Painting can void warranties and is not a lease option.

  5. The cost for a vinyl vehicle wrap is considerably less (nearly half) than a comparable paint job.

  6. Many of the styles can not be reproduced by paint.

  7. Vinyl car wraps wear as well as, or better than paint – when properly cared for. Think of it like a skin for your laptop or a silicon cover for your phone.  The vinyl can take a beating protecting the vehicle’s paint underneath.

  8. Vinyl car wraps come in many colours and can have matte, semi-gloss, gloss, brushed steel, carbon fibre, matte metallic, chrome and even leather-like finishes.

  9. Expensive, colour-matching paint fees are unnecessary for scratches or accident vehicles; just re-wrap the section that needs repair.

  10. You don’t have to wrap your entire car;  you can individually wrap your hood, roof, mirrors, stripes, etc.​

  11. Matte-paint jobs can be brittle and chip easily, while vinyl is more durable and harder to scratch. In the event that repairs are needed, the part that was damaged can be easily replaced, providing a perfect match.

  12. Hides scratches, and small chips to “freshen” the look of your vehicle.

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