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Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Make your vehicle unique and one of a kind with our high-grade vinyl wraps

  • Vinyl car wraps protect your OEM paint and are 100% removable.

  • Adds to the resell value of your car. When you remove it, your paint is in the same condition as when it was wrapped. Thus adding to the resale value by having flawless paint on your car. A repainted car normally decreases the value of your vehicle due to concerns over possible previous accident(s).

  • You can restore the car to its original colour by removing the wrap.

  • Warranties and/or lease agreements remain valid. Painting can void warranties and is not a lease option.

  • The cost for a vinyl vehicle wrap is considerably less (nearly half) than a comparable paint job.

  • Many of the styles can not be reproduced by paint.

  • Vinyl car wraps wear as well as, or better than paint – when properly cared for. Think of it like a skin for your laptop or a silicon cover for your phone.  The vinyl can take a beating protecting the vehicle’s paint underneath.

  • Vinyl car wraps come in many colours and can have matte, semi-gloss, gloss, brushed steel, carbon fibre, matte metallic, chrome and even leather-like finishes.

  • Expensive, colour-matching paint fees are unnecessary for scratches or accident vehicles; just re-wrap the section that needs repair.

  • You don’t have to wrap your entire car;  you can individually wrap your hood, roof, mirrors, stripes, etc.

  • It’s difficult to tell it’s not paint.

  • Matte-paint jobs can be brittle and chip easily, while vinyl is more durable and harder to scratch. In the event that repairs are needed, the part that was damaged can be easily replaced, providing a perfect match.

  • Hides scratches, and small chips to “freshen” the look of your vehicle.



Tinting your vehicle has many benefits whether it be for style, security or protection against the elements.

  • UV Protection: Most people overlook the fact that your skin can suffer sun damage from inside your car. But window tints can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays for added protection while you drive. 

  • Preserving your Interior: UV rays don’t just damage your skin. They also cause interior materials like your seats and dashboard to fade and crack. Tinted windows can preserve these materials and extend the life of your car’s interior. 

  • Increased privacy

  • Window tints allow you to look out while making it harder for others to see in. And that makes it more difficult for anyone to see valuables left inside your car. 

  • Improved comfort: By blocking out UV rays, window tints can make the inside of a vehicle significantly cooler and more comfortable, particularly during hot summer months. Window tints also reduce glare from the sun for greater comfort for your eyes. 

  • Better gas mileage: Running the air conditioner stunts your gas mileage. By blocking the sun and cooling the cabin, window tints allow you to cut down on your air conditioner use and get more mileage out of your tank. 

  • Sharper look: There’s no other way to put it. Tinted windows give a car some attitude and improve the overall style of the exterior.

xpel paint protection

Conventional paint protection films can show scars and yellowing after a single year of use - especially in the real world, where most of us drive every day. With the self-healing PPF film we use, scratches and scuffs will take care of themselves! This will keep your car smooth and shiny the easy way and is much cheaper than replacing your hood when damaged.

Get proactive and protect your investment by installing paint protection film on your vehicle.


Ceramic coating

We use only the best product on the market "Diamond Coat", and it includes a 9-year warranty.

Drivers are always uncomfortable driving with reduced visibility.  Nighttime, inclement weather, and bright morning sunshine coming through dirty glass all cause driver concern. Ceramic Coating applied to your windshield provides numerous benefits. Reduction in road glare and water repellency increases visual acuity, and increase reaction time by 1 full second.  At 65Km/h,  1 full second equals 75 more feet of reaction distance.  Breaking, swerving, or simply avoiding can be lifesaving and our products give drivers a better chance to see obstacles on the road.


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