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Ceramic Coating

Diamond Kote

  1. Clean Exterior Body

  2. Decontamination Phase

  3. Paint Correction (3 steps)

  4. Ceramic Coating Installation

Starting at $1095

10 Years Protection
ceramic coat_edited.jpg

Preserve Your Investment

Ceramic coating is the best way to protect your vehicle's longevity.

1. Protection from Harmful Environmental Factors

When driving we face, sand, exhasut moisture, pollutants, which all can lead to corrosion. Our Diamond Kote provides a shield that can't be washed off.

2. Minimal Maintenance, Long-Lasting Beauty

Greatly reduce your time and expenses in ongoing care for your vehicle. Keep your paint clean and glossy.

3. Versatility

Steel, Aluminum, Leather Vinyl, Fabric, Carpet, Glass, we can protect them all.

4. UV Protection

Prevent damage, aging and fading colours.

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